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Who is the winner in the mobile phone race that started 20 years back

Although the first commercial mobile phone reached consumers around 4 decades back the real mobile industry race began just a decade back when apple introduced iPhone and Samsung join hands with android and then the leaders like Nokia and Motorola saw a sudden decline in their market share.

So who is the winner? who has gained maximum from the mobile industry? which company sold most mobile phones? will race continue? what is the future of the mobile phone industry? all questions would be answered at the end of this article by you only!!

So what do you think which company sold most mobile phones in the world till today?
Is it Apple, Motorola, Samsung or Nokia?
before we answer this just have a look at statistics of top 20 most sold mobile phones, among top 20 most sold phones there are 12 mobile from Nokia, 4 from apple,2 from Samsung and 2 from Motorola, interesting fact is only one mobile among these 20 mobile phones is still sold in market that is iPhone 7 whereas all other mobile phones are not available for sale in market.

so number wise Nokia sold the most number of mobile phones but its quite natural the most profits were gained by apple because its phones were much costlier than Nokia and other brands and still apple mobile phones are costlier than all brands mobile phones available in the market.
Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 if counted together more than 500 million mobile phones were sold which is a truly magnificent number. You might be wondering why the Chinese brand is not on the list?
Many might think these top 20 mobile phones are all old mobile phones, but the reality is iPhone 7 which was launched at the end of the year 2016 is also in the list and almost all main Chinese players came in market way before that.

There are multiple reasons that there is no single Chinese brand among the top 20, among which the main reason is these Chinese brands tend to launch multiple mobile phones and more frequently launch a new phone compared to major non-Chinese brand smartphones.

With over 4 decades on the market, mobile phones have become the most used electronic device in the world, the mobile phone has now become the best companion trusted more than a life partner nowadays, so in coming years the mobile race will gain more pace and consumers will keep on enjoying their best companion which and even fit into a pocket.
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