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Airtel, Vodafone, Jio and BSNL have increased their prepaid plans, how will it affect you
The leading telecom companies that are Airtel, Jio and Vodafone have announced tariff hike. While Jio's new plans would be implemented from December 6, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have already revealed the new plans and they are active now.
Was this step necessary? how will it affect consumers? how will it affect telecom companies, you will get all the questions answered in this post so keep reading.

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Still, data plans and voice plans by these companies are cheapest is the globe. The moment Jio entered Telecom industry the data use per consumer increased rapidly at present it's almost around 12GB per user which wasn't even 500Mb per user before Jio era.
But as Jio came with unlimited plans other companies had no other choice but to reduce this voice and data plans too and the company which didn't reduce their plans are at a high loss because users were opting out of these services and switching to Jio.
It was every day a happy from the people who wanted to use a broadband network but due to unavailability service in their area or costly broadband services, they were unable to, after Jio came the now they had really good alternative to costly broadband and this 4G network they had good internet connection much stable compared to the previous 3G and also much stable than most local broadband networks.
But the same price reduction in data and voice plans had the worst impact on telecom companies their quarterly and yearly revenue started declining rapidly, also added to this few people started misusing this cheap service they were talking more than required hours and hours of voice calls and many started using heavy data people who used to talk with text started using images and video, lot of data was being transferred most of which were just bunch of repeated viral videos. but this was affecting other users call drops and no internet service started to show up more frequently.
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So is this step important from the telecom company point of view then the simple answer is yes obviously they also need to pay to their employees and a lot of investment is required to maintain such networks, and even from the consumer point of view this step was important as this would reduce call drops and improve internet service connection. and hopefully, misuse and abuse of cheap services would reduce.
But at present only Airtel Vodafone have revealed their prepaid plans whereas Reliance Jio has said it will increase plans price by 40% but also at the same time it will give 300% more benefits so this surprise may again setback other companies like Airtel and Vodafone.
Worst hit by this move would be students and for the last few years, it was easy and cheap to surf the internet and learn a lot from youtube videos.
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And if still, service doesn't improve by increasing plan price then companies like Vodafone would be at worst hit since at present the highest number of call drops and data connection error is happening in Vodafone network only so people to start switching at a much higher rate from Vodafone to another network.
So what are your views on increasing the cost of data and voice services by telecom companies is it a great step or worst step? mention that in comments below.
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