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Nokia is again on its way to self-destruction

Nokia is again on its way to destruction, yes you heard it right few of us might be surprised but the many of us are well aware of the fact.
Nokia killing itself
And this time Nokia itself is on its way to kill itself by killing its own brand value.we all were expecting that Nokia will price their new devices aggressively in India because of high competition but the they didnt,
Now its utmost requirment that Nokia should aggressively price their new device's.
nokia returns
At presnt reality is, still their flagship smartphone are too costly considering it's performance,latest smartphone by NOKIA is NOKIA PureView priced at 49K, and it's easy to predict after few months it's price would be reduced by more than 30–40% which is really sad for the Early buyers of the smartphone, why am I saying so? See At present Nokia Nokia 8 Sirocco is priced around 36K (almost Around a year old smartphone) but when it was launched it was priced at 55K, if at starting itself it was priced at 37K it would have been a killer smartphone. NOKIA itself is reducing it's brand value. Why suddenly reducing prices of little old smartphone, same is with Nokia 6.1 which was priced around 17K few months back now it is priced Around 6K.
5 camera nokia
Just look at Apple iPhones still iPhone 7 Plus is priced at 40K, my point is Apple is not suddenly reducing it's iPhone price by a huge figures. Which is actually great for early buyers as they are and would be satisfied with the brand value and in future they would get good value for their old smartphone. Where as Nokia is reducing it's smartphone price after few months that too with huge figures. Just imagine you bought a NOKIA smartphone priced at around 50K after 3 months you came to know now your Smartphone is priced around 30K how would you feel, at the moment even exchange value is really low for Nokia phones, even Mi Smartphone's resale value is higher than Nokia Smartphone for same launched priced phones.
nokia killing itself

Nokia selfdestruction
How can NOKIA improve it's brand value? and again win heart of it's fans ? Simply solution would at the launch day itself Nokia should set it's smartphone price correctly by not doing so anyway after few months they are reducing prices which acts like fuel on fire if Nokia doesn't change it's strategy soon Nokia will loose it's old faithfully fans too.
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