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The Story of the Moon

The Moon. Around 4.45 billion years ago, A young planet only 50 million years old at that moment The Earth that was much bigger compared to the present, had a violent collision with an Another planetary body having the mass approximately equal to that of present Mars, That is known as ‘Theia’ The time had set "Theia" orbit on a collision course with Young Earth, When young Earth and this planetary body collided, a tremendous amount of energy was involved in this collision, The energy released was 100 million times larger than the far later event that is assumed to have wiped out the dinosaurs. This event destroyed the "Theia" but at the same time, the same event emitted large amounts of ruins(earth matter) that included a large number of elements into Earths orbit. And so slowly and gradually an astronomical body formed from this ruins(earth matter).

 And that body we know today is earth's only natural satellite that is "The Moon" which is having its path around the earth. In the early stage, the newborn Moon was much closer to earth than the present, it was at a distance of just 20,000-30,000km, compared to 384,000km today. it would have been really beautiful to see such a huge Moon near to earth but it also had a huge impact on the earth's atmosphere and climate at the time. still today due to the presence of the moon there are changes in the earth's climate. 

So is Moon always going to be with the earth? the answer is sad no! 
The Moon is still spinning away and away from the earth this is because of a transfer of energy from the rotation and tidal bulges of the Earth, the Moon is getting 3.78cm further away from eath each year. so the time may come when the moon would be so far away from earth that it won't have any contact with the earth and it may be lost in Space ! so will this be the end of Moon? the answer is really hard it may or it may not there are many other theories and probabilities which mentions that Moon may collide with earth in future! so should start worrying? No, it would be silly to worry about an event which won’t happen in the next million years.  

So now let's check a few amazing facts about the Moon, 
  • Moondust smells like gunpowder. 
  • Surface temperatures reach boiling point.
  • Scientists have found Moon water: India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission found water close to the poles of the Moon while NASA has found water in the moon soil.
  • The Moon is a dusty ball of rock, measuring 3,476km in diameter – that’s roughly a quarter of the size of Earth.
  • Moon takes 27.3 days for the Moon to travel around the Earth and complete its orbit. 
  • Moon craters can unlock space archives. 
  • We see the Moonlight because it reflects light from the Sun. 
  • The Moon is Earth's only permanent natural satellite. 
  • It is the fifth-largest natural satellite in the Solar System and the largest among planetary satellites relative to the size of the planet that it orbits. 
  • You always see the same surface of the Moon.
  • The Moon is sailing away from the Earth. The Moon is driving approximately 3.8 cm away from our planet every year. The Moon was made when a rock crashed into Earth.

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