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Format Hard Disk and memory drives using CMD

We do have many other options to format a hard drive but the easiest way and most successful way is via CMD in Case of Windows Operating system which is the same in almost all OS of windows whether it is windows 7 windows 10 or windows 8.

formatting hard drive hard disk hdd

To format Hard disk or any hard drive using CMD use the steps given below,

STEP1: Open your Command Prompt as administrator.

CMD search on start button
STEP2: Use Diskpart.

Type "diskpart" on command prompt.
diskpart on CMD

STEP3: Now type List Disk.

list disk on CMD

STEP4: Now Select the Disk/Drive that you want to format.
select disk in CMD

STEP5: Now simply clean the Disk using Clean command.
clean disk in cmd

STEP6: Now Create a partition. 
create partition primary

STEP7: Format the Disk/Drive.
format fs=ntfs quick

STEP8: Assign a drive letter using assign command.

assign in CMD

NOTE: Please select proper drive and note to take a backup of your files any wrong step may lead to loss of your data if it happens we are not responsible.
Remember if you get an error in any of the above steps then there could be some hardware problem in your drive , if you are getting an error in format step then it would be better to hand over your drive to an expert.

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