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We feel iPhone XS max is the costliest phone but it's still cheaper than this first mobile
We feel iPhone XS max is the costliest phone that mobile market has ever seen but the truth is its still cheaper than this first mobile phone that is Motorola DynaTAC, It was priced at $3,995 in 1984. Now after many new discoveries and inventions and Research and development done on the mobile phone now we do have a really huge number of smartphones to choose from the cheap ones the budget ones and the expensive one. we do have cheap smartphones now then why people are still crazy behind expensive smartphone? standing in an enormous queue to get the latest smartphone with new features? why?
The first mobile phoneiPhone sx max
Now see there are many reasons for this craziness,
Camera lovers:
It's not always about screen size many people are interested in having a good camera phone in their hands, carrying a DSLR or a Digital Camera everywhere is really difficult, where a nowadays latest and costly smartphones are able to capture decent photos which can be photo framed. (Although not equivalent to a DSLR) so people would prefer to buy a 40–50k smartphone instead of investing in a DSLR costing minimum around 30K .(so a camera lover would choose the best camera smartphone available in the market and that won't be cheap )
photo lovers
Gamers :
New games keep on launching day by day and its graphics quality is also improving whereas old phones having the older processor and less ram won't support the latest games. (so a gamer would always like to choose a costly smartphone for its good performance)
Gamers and game lovers
Business/entrepreneur people:
They always want the fastest, smartest at the same time secured smartphone still most costly smartphone is not completely satisfying them, still, they need more fast more reliable and secured smartphone. (so business people would always prefer to go for the latest costliest smartphone for security reasons)
Business/entrepreneur people:
Style lovers / show off
These people just buy costly phones to show off, that's it, so a style lover and a show off guy /girl would always buy a costly smartphone whether he/she needs it or not. ( I have literally seen few people using a blackberry or an Apple smartphone and doesn't know how to change its brightness email sending is far )
Style lovers show off
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