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The top 10 best phones of the year 2018 which still would be great for 2019

Hello, friend today we would see the top 10 best phones of the year 2018, this list ranking won't be based only on one parameter but on all round parameters and performance, this list contains few amazing pocket-friendly smartphones and also the expensive but the best one.
The Year 2018 saw a lot of new trends and new innovations in the mobile industry like at the start of 2018 market saw a trend in bezel-less notch display like we saw this year Oneplus 6 coming with notch, Apple iPhones, Nokia phones, Xiaomi phones and even this year we saw an ugly notch on Google Pixel 3XL and there were many consumers who hated the notch completely and hence by the end of the year we even saw few phones with bezel-less display and having no notch at all and among the top companies only Samsung stayed away from notch trend.
Note 5 Pro vs OnePLus 6 vs MIA2

So let's check out 2018's top 10 best smartphones.
10. Nokia 7.1
Reason for this Nokia to be in this list is it's having a great dual camera and its a phone under Google Android One Program so you would be getting latest updates of Android os upto 2 years, and when talking about its performance it's little better than Note 5 pro as it is using stock android although both Redmi note 5 pro and Nokia 7.1 have the same processor.
Best budget smartphone Nokia 7.1 best smartphone of the year
9. Samsung Galaxy A9
The first quad camera Smartphone with all available technology for the dual camera that is The Depth Sensor, The Wide-Angle Camera, and The Telephoto Camera.
All in One Samsung Galaxy A9 best camera smartphone in the world today
8.Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Note is the best Note taking smartphone till date and talking about Samsung pencil it exactly does what it is supposed to do really smooth and very precise.
Samsung galaxy Note 9 The best Note taking smartphone
7.iPhone Xs
Presently this is the fastest mobile available in the market with no competitors even nearby but when it comes to cost it's too expensive,iPhone Xs max cost is around 1.5 lakh.
iPhone sx Max most costliest smartphone in the market
6. VIVO Nex s
Vivo Nex s came with a great idea and innovation to avoid notch by hiding the selfie camera inside the device and whenever needed it pops out.
Vivo Nex S most innovative Smartphone of the year
5.Huawei Mate 20 Pro
On paper the fastest Android smartphone in the market having Kirin 980 processor and amazing camera.
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Best Smartphone of the year 2019 and 2018
4.Google Pixel 3xl
Amazing smartphone and it doesn't need extra ram to do heavy task 4 GB ram is enough we could easily say Google Pixel 3xl is the best Android Smartphone Outthere and also having the best low light camera in the market only one thing it's costly.
Google Pixel 3XL Best smartphone of year
3.Poco F1
POCO F1 houses the same processor as Samsung Galaxy Note and Oneplus 6 and OnePlus 6T and it's affordable and when compared it's among the cheapest smartphone which has Snapdragon 845 processor.
Xiaomi Poco F1 Best smartphone of year 2018 2019
2.Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi Note 5 pro great budget smartphone with decent camera quality its demand went so high that almost for more than 4 months it was only available in flash sale, you can simply call it budget king smartphone.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Best Smartphone of the year 2019 2018
1.OnePlus 6 /6T
Oneplus 6, you can truly say this was the best smartphone of the year 2018 as it can still be called as a flagship killer with oxygen OS it feels faster than all Android smartphone available in the market and still it is cheaper than most flagship phone in the market.
OnePlus 6 and OnePLus 6 T Best Smartphone of the year
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