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Desktop or laptop which is the better choice for you
Desktop or laptop which is the better option for you?
You may end up in a situation where you are confused what to choose between a laptop and a desktop, and you may gather a lot of suggestions from different people to make you more confused, few would recommend you a laptop , few would recommend you a desktop and funny part is few would even suggest you to instead go for an expensive smartphone .
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So should you go for a smartphone instead?
Frankly speaking, my laptop is much cheaper than my smartphone and both have exactly same RAM that is 8GB, so have I stopped using a laptop?
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The answer is no, and it's really difficult to work on a smartphone I can't even imagine to work on smartphone the same way I do it on a laptop , smartphone is good and great for social networking, sharing photos and videos, small quick reply emails, little banking, and little photography but still for general use and work laptop is preferable (still personally I fell desktop are much better than laptop too) and storage place still laptop is better and better than laptop's are desktop,
You still need a laptop, and a laptop is a replacement of desktop and Smartphone can't be replacement of laptop no chance ( although new smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be used as a desktop it's still not as fluid as it's should be ) even in near future it won't be possible.
So what you should select and why?
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When to prefer a Laptop: If your need is to always be on the move that is traveling from one place to another place frequently then there is no reason for you to select a desktop, so your only option is left to get a laptop. Now if electricity supply is not good in your locality then also its recommended for you to go for a laptop as battery backup is better in a laptop compared to desktop.
When to prefer a Desktop: If you are not frequently traveling then its always recommended to get a desktop because the upgrade of Hardware is very easy in a Desktop whenever you want you can improve your desktop configuration, which is sometimes impossible in the laptop like its almost impossible to add a new graphics card in the laptop. for gamers, Desktop is always preferable as you can have a desktop at low price powerful enough to play almost any game which is not with the laptop even an expensive laptop won't be able to play heavy games, for example, there are few Rs.80K laptops that are unable to play games like Pubg but the same game could be played easily in a good desktop build under 30K, and also if your need is to run heavy simulation-based software then its always recommend to go for a desktop.
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