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Top 5 best Android Go Smartphones and things you should know about Android Go
First of all, what is Android Go?
You may have come across words like Google Go, Youtube Go, files Go, Gmail Go, Google maps Go and many other words which are the basically lighter variant of original apps like "Youtube Go" is a lighter version of "Youtube App", so the Android Go nothing but is a Lite Android OS ,
The Operating System "Android Go" is based on the same design as the Android Oreo but it has been specially designed to support devices that are having RAM ranging from 512 MB to 2GB.
And the amazing fact is Android Go occupies only half the space that is required by Android Nougat, so even will low storage smartphones you can install a large number of apps. whereas if the device with low storage came with regular android you won't be able to install a large number of apps and the device will keep on getting low storage notification.
Google Android Go project
But there is a catch few features are missing from Android Go but still, it's a great OS, The Android Go has one additional feature known as the data saver available in the default mode helping to consume lesser data. Earlier buying an entry-level Android phone used to be a really regretting decisions for many as their Android Smartphones would become unusable after 1 year or so, due to many reasons for example due to limited storage space no new apps could be installed.
So let's check top 5 best Android Go Smartphones.
Google Android 10 X Android go
  • Nokia 1
Nokia 1 Android go
  • Nokia 2.1
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Core
  • Lava Z61 2GB RAM
  • Micromax Bharat Go
    And soon Xiaomi is going to launch Redmi GO smartphone with Google Android Go Program which is going to be the cheapest smartphone by Xiaomi till date.
So, in short, you can say Android Go is the Google's latest attempt to make the experience of having an entry-level Android phone less frustrating.
But if you have already used a regular Android Smartphone with decent specification then switching to Android Go would be a terrible experience for you so it's not recommended for the users who already have used a decent Android Smartphone.
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