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OnePlus 6T McLaren edition price crossed Rs. 50,000 that is $699 (£649)

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition price crossed 50,000 INR mark making it's a flagship phone instead of a flagship killer Phone,
OnePlus 6T McLaren edition offer

When OnePlus was launched its main intention was to be a flagship killer and all listen to it's users , this time they have made few bold moves like removing 3.5mm audio jack few may consider it good but for music lovers it came as a bad news since you won't be able to change and hear music at same time if you are traveling the only option left with them is to get a Bluetooth headphones (with are almost 70-90% costlier than wired)
Now as OnePlus smartphone price crosses 50k mark it would be wrong to call it a flagship killer Instead it should be called a flagship phone, although this new smartphone by OnePlus is a special edition but still as they have only 1 variant of its line up in market soon market could go against it, for Apple they do have older products in market and people do still buy iPhone 6 and 6s , where is we won't find 8 months old OnePlus 6 anymore in market.
OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Oneplus 7 Amazon exclusive
Hope so OnePlus would take a note of it otherwise its condition could be like Blackberry or Htc (but still blackberry and Htc do have their older products in the market whereas OnePlus have only 1 Product at a time )
Yes its 10 GB Ram variant of OnePLus 6T but still we don't have any application that requires 10GB of RAM now, So it would be just a waste of resources and everyone know OnePlus 6T is not being as successful as OnePlus 6 was, and Important Note Processor plays the main role in determining the speed of a phone, not Ram.
You could say RAM is just like an empty playground it needs players to have a great match that is processor and this variant of OnePlus 6T would be having the same processor as OnePlus 6 .
OnePlus 6T Mclaren Box Amazon

So guys what do you think about this as Price or each OnePlus is increasing should we still call it a flagship killer or other brands smartphone having the same processor as OnePlus should be called flagship killer like Poco F1 mention it in the comments section, bellow, thanks for reading this article.

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