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Animals kill people vs people kill animals

We all are too much scared of wild animals whether they live on land or underwater, whether its sharks or lion if we see them in open without any cage or in open ocean we are so frightened that it makes us standstill and blown out there, unable to think what to do next! have you ever tried to see another way around like what would a shark or a lion feel if they saw people in front of them are they afraid of us? how is the life of a lion in cages?

People have tried multiple time to capture the underwater beast that is a white shark and keep it in an aquarium so as people could visit this aquarium to see the white shark closely but no aquarium in the world have successfully kept a white shark the reason is they die the reason may be they(sharks) are extremely depressed they are built to hunt in big oceans. Not only these there are many incidents where wild animals were brought to the zoo from wild and they were unable to survive for more than few days, so its kind of killing an animal. Not only in this way people used to and still few hunt animals for sports, adding to if few are hunting these animals to make luxury items out of it and get profits. we kill wild animals parents in front of their offsprings so this incident could stay in their mind forever. So today we would see interesting statistics of few animals which were killed by people and the same animal which were reported for killing people.

Almost 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans Compared to this large number, sharks only kill around six or fewer humans each year all around the world.

Tiger :

Each year there are on an average of 80 or fewer reports claiming tigers kill humans whereas each there are more than 200 reports of people killing tigers plus there are many more kills which are not reported. (now they are only a few thousand tigers left in the world)

Each year Snakes kill more than 90,000 people around the world while the number of snakes killed by people is in millions.
Crocodile :
Each year Crocodile kills more than 700 people around the world while the number of Crocodile killed by people is in lakhs.


Each year Elephants kills more than 100 people around the world while the number of Elephants killed by people is more than 50,000.
We kill animals mostly for sports or for our luxury requirements while wild animals either hunt us for encroaching their area or to safeguard their offsprings. Thanks for reading this article.

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