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What should we consider more important a ram or a processor in a smartphone

The biggest question that comes to our mind is, should I look for ram or a processor in a mobile? which affects performance of a smartphone more among these, if you have ever observed RAM that is available on an iPhone and compared with similar performing android mobile then you could conclude that almost all high-end Android mobile has more than double the amount of Ram compared to an iPhone, for example, iPhone X has 3GB RAM whereas there are many android phones which have more than 6GB ram few even 8GB RAM still few of them seems to be slower than iPhone ,

So RAM optimization is great in iPhone compared to android which is mainly possible because of Advance Processor in Apple, so yes logically advance processor means great performance. even in android if 2 smartphones have the same amount of ram and they have different processor then one with latest and advance processor would work much faster than mobile having an old processor.
To confirm this see these 2 SmartPhones by same company one is "Redmi Note 5 Pro" with 6 GB RAM and other "POCO F1" with 6GB RAM, if you check its ranking POCO F1 with 6 GB ram ranks 8th standing among high-end phones and even better than Samsung galaxy s9 (Ranked 10th) while Redmi Note 5 Pro is not even on top 50 list , main difference between them is processor POCO F1 have got latest and most advance Processor by Snapdragon 845 while Note 5 Pro has got mid-range Snapdragon processor that is snapdragon 636,

So we could easily come to a conclusion yes we should consider Processor first then RAM if you are looking for great performance.

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