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Top 7 best ways to speed up your old Android smartphone

You may have seen your android smartphone may be getting slower and slower day by day and even situation may arise where your smartphone becomes almost response less for few minutes to avoid these situations follow below given 7 tips to speed up your android smartphone.
  • Clear cached data:
The “cached” data storage utilized by your all Android apps combined together can easily take up more than a gigabyte of storage space. These caches of data are essentially just junk files, and they can be safely deleted to free up storage space.
  • Uninstall useless apps and disable apps which cant be uninstalled :
Yes, its important to uninstall useless apps or apps which you won't be using, remember in Android even if you are not using a particular app still in the background it may be running eating all your smartphone resources so its necessary to uninstall useless apps and free up your smartphone and ultimately leading to a faster smartphone, there may arise a few situations where you can't uninstall smartphone so how to get rid of it? just disable it done.
  • Clean up storage space:
It is important to keep storage space free as much as possible because even if you would be taking HD video for a few minutes the space required for storing it could easily cross gigabyte storage.keep on cleaning your storage and transfer your personal files to a hard disk or your personal computer.
  • Backup and Reset your phone
Probably this would solve most of your smartphone problems as there are high chances that even after uninstalling apps its data may still be stored on your smartphone and this method cleans my most of the useless files,bugs and many other files which slows your mobile day by day and making your smartphone new as was on day 1.
  • Update your phone:
Yes updating your phone to the latest version available is the great idea as it will remove most known bugs on your smartphone and updates are specially designed to make your smartphone more responsive and faster, side by side it will also improve your mobile security.
  • Look into play store for some alternatives :
There are plenty of application on play store with ist lite variant too like facebook lite it consumes less memory and is faster too, so look for lite varients for heavy apps and make your phone faster , don't fall prey to useless memory cleaner, ram cleaner and so on it won't make much difference on your smartphone and never think to download an antivirus app its of no use since its Linux based OS so no change of virus (but there are chances of bugs and other harmful apps which may kill your smartphone completely so avoid installing apps from 3rd party store)
  • Root:
Rooting your smartphone is the best way to deal with the slowness of your smartphone, after having root access you could delete almost all bloatware from your smartphone and customize your android according to your need and install lite Custom ROM on your smartphone and making it super fast.

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