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Samsung released the world first quad camera smartphone Galaxy A9
Samsung released the world's first quad camera smartphone Galaxy A9, yes you heard it right Samsung is released a mobile phone having quad camera at back , Galaxy A9 is the world’s first quad camera with Ultra Wide Camera, Telephoto Camera, 24MP Camera and Depth Camera that give you the confidence to shoot on various occasions. It also features Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection so you can start capturing enhanced images straight away.
So you may have heard a dual camera setup comes with either depth sensor or telephoto camera but this phone comes with both and also include an ultra-wide camera making it a quad camera configuration, a few days back Samsung released 3 camera setup mobile and now this one so Samsung has also jumped into camera lens count rance previously Samsung tried to stay away from this but now they are introducing dual, triple and quad camera set up to be in competition,
So what are these 3 camera types? and how does it affect our photos?
·         The Depth Sensor
We will start with this as this is the most basic form of a dual camera system. In this system, the primary camera is accompanied by a second camera whose only function is to 3D map the area in front of the camera. As you may know, we are able to see in 3D because we have two eyes with slightly different perspectives that help us convey depth, especially for things that are close to us.
·         The Wide-Angle Camera
The wide-angle camera is exactly what it sounds like. It gave the secondary camera a crazy wide field of view that allowed the user to capture a much wider area without having to move back, or capture interesting perspectives afforded by such a wide-angle lens.
·         The Telephoto Camera
The most common of all the dual camera systems today is the telephoto camera. In this, the primary camera is paired with a second camera that has a telephoto lens. As you can tell, this is the exact opposite of the wide-angle camera system, wherein it actually lets you zoom into your subject instead of zooming out.
A wide-angle lens allows the space for a wider perspective without you having to move back. Wide lenses give you a broader field of view while telephoto lenses give you a narrow view. and Samsung did a magic by combining all these camera types in a single phone.

Other main eye-catching features include,
Galaxy A9 houses a powerful and highly responsive mobile Octa-Core processor with 6GB or 8GB RAM to give you uninterrupted high performance while you get things done throughout the day.
Charges fast last longer
Galaxy A9 comes with a fast-charging 3,800 mAh (typical) battery so you can enjoy long hours of enjoyment and power up quickly when it becomes drained. And thanks to its convenient USB Type-C compatibility, you can plug it in either way for added convenience.
Dedicated SD memory slot with expandable up to 512GB, again one would never go out of storage,
Samsung has done a magic by combining all 3 camera types in a single device and also other features are great in this phone, thanks for reading this article keep following our page for more such article.

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