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How does number count of processor affects your Smartphone performance

How does number count of processor affects your Smartphone performance, Does it really makes a difference? Actually finding single core processor smartphone is now difficult, you would now see smartphone mostly having dual core, quad core and even octa-core processor phones(multithreading is a solution but it's not as efficient as having multiple core processor )
So why we had to increase the number of Core processor in a smartphone. The reason is Multi-Tasking and multi tasking needs multiple bits of help. Now suppose you are cooking for a party in your house and you need to have multiple Dishes in your party but time is limited to prepare only One item, so what you would do now? the solution is getting more helping hands by calling your close friend early to help you with cooking and prepare more dishes within time. So you are done now you can have a great party. so without the help of your friend that is helping hands, it would have been impossible to complete the multiple tasks to prepare multiple dishes within a time.
Now the same goes for the smartphone, Smartphones are now doing heavy multi-tasking like you play games, use the camera, email, music, social networking and switching between them in no time and simultaneously multiple background tasks are also running. so if single core processor would be responsible to do all these it would have been dead easily, I mean your smartphone will freeze most of the time.
So having multiple core processor really helps your Smartphone to do multitasking in an easy way.
And so we are now having Quad core, octa core and we would see soon more than that too with multiple threads capability (multithreading a Single core processor do multiple processing)
Previously smartphone apps were designed to use only a single core, but now they are designed to utilize multiple cores so avoid heating issues and so having multiple core processor really make sense now, that is way now soon we would be seeing heavy games which would be only playable on Quad core or more whose graphics quality would be equivalent to a PC.
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