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These are top 5 new technologies which are now ready and soon it will change the whole world,
5. AR/VR/MR/360 degree :

Augmented reality,Virtual Reality,Mixed reality and 360 degree, these are already present in the market and is already loved by many, This technology will soon change the way of watching television, especially sports, way of presentation anyway before that It will first change the world of gaming, and soon you all can expect that it would be difficult for us even to differentiate Between reality and a digital virtual world created by these amazing technologies.
4.Machine Learning:
Although machine learning has been there for many years now, but recently It's only been five years that it has become available and democratize to all, it is changing the way robots learn things so soon this Technology will affect us too in a very positive way.
3.Artificial Intelligence :
The word "AI" yes, everyone is aware about it. Almost everyone knows who Siri is and google assistant is these two also runs with the help of AI, we have an enormous amount of data with us soon AI will drive how we consume, learn and execute on this data.
2.3-D Printers :
Although its not completely new technology, but who Know soon in future we would be able to print our food itself!! The main thing is these printers were earlier complex, costly, single-purpose industrial devices and now it is changing to inexpensive, general-purpose desktop machines that anyone can use.

1. Self-Driving Vehicles :
Yes almost all Tech giants are working on it its now 99.9% accurate and chances of making mistakes are minimal but still its not 100% accurate until its 100% accurate , we won't see self-driving Vehicles in High-ways , but soon we would see not only cars  in future we can assume ships, flights also to be completely automatic or at least 80% automatic , most number of deaths are caused due to vehicles whether its human or animals.

These new Technologies obviously needs further improvement and soon we can expect that to happen, thanks for reading this article Follow us for more such amazing news on Technologies,

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