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            Everyone is using a camera whether it's on their phone or a digital camera, but many are unaware of the term " Aperture", when one is buying mobile they obviously, hear something about Aperture f/2.2 or f/1.4 but unable to understand its importance and how it affects our photos? don't worry we will explain you this in a simple way and also let you know why we should buy an external mobile camera lens to enjoy your photography more and also let you know why depth sensors nowadays play a great role in taking photos in Phone and now it's common to have a lot of mobile with the dual camera at back,

So aperture actually controls the brightness of the image that passes through the lens and falls on the image sensor (which is responsible for taking Photos) and is expressed as f/(a number say "stop-number") example f/1.4, f/2, f/5 and so changing the number changes the size of the aperture and ultimately changing the amount of light passing through the lens,so higher stop-number means lower the aperture and so less light passes through it and for lower stop-number larger the aperture and more light passes through it,

Still confused?
Higher stop-number increases depth in a field (narrow aperture) less brightness
Lower stop-number decreases depth in a field (wide aperture) more brightness
and remember shutter speed also plays the main role with aperture, for this article we will see only about aperture for shutter a different article would be coming soon,

So finally if you are clicking more portraits and wildlife then wide aperture is great for you and if you are clicking more landscapes and cityscapes then narrow aperture is great for you and now many mobiles comes with a dual camera one with higher aperture another with lower so that you could easily click better photos all time whether it is portraits or landscapes. and if you have a single lens camera and are in no mood to buy a new costly mobile then get an external camera lens for your mobile.

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