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Best and most secured mobiles in the world today

       Today we would look into the most secured mobile in the world few are commercially available and few are not they are reserved for special agencies and are only made as per required. Although Modern smartphones are much secure and come with a whole bunch of security features (both hardware and software-based) such as fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, encryption and many more. Even though these are more than enough for the majority of the users, but it's not enough for few users whose requirements are best and no loopholes are expected in data security and privacy.

BlackBerry Key 2:
Talking about data security and privacy and not mentioning BlackBerry is not fair, The most secure Android smartphone with enhanced security and privacy features built-in.its the very first Dual Camera on a BlackBerry Includes portrait mode and optical superzoom for greater control and image quality. It is said to be the most intelligent keyboard ever, and a battery that lasts up to 2 days, all on the new BlackBerry® KEY2, powered by Android, and the best thing is its commercially available anyone can have it.
Boeing Black
Boeing Black is among the most secured Android smartphone built by Boeing and BlackBerry Limited (again BlackBerry ), targeted for (United States) government and military defense communities, and people "that need to keep communications and data secure". This smartphone comes with a self-destruct feature which ensures that any attempt to break open the casing of the device triggers the auto-deletion of the data and software on it, thus keeping the data safe.
Turing Phone
Turing Phone is a Sailfish OS and Android OS smartphone by Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) which provides end-to-end encryption for secure communications. The device uses decentralized authentication to encrypt any communications and comes with its master public key and unique private key pre-installed with the phone.
The premier cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled smartphone with built-in cold storage wallet, and unique Safe Screen for secure crypto transactions, The ultimate blockchain solution, with a built-in cybersecurity suite, crypto wallets, DApps, and Token Conversion Service, all supported by the SRN token. although this smartphone is specially prepared for block-chain but still it among most secured mobile in the world,
So these were few best and most secured smartphones right now few you can directly buy and for others you need to be a VIP, thanks for reading this article for more such article follow our page.

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